High school and university

programmes abroad

High school in England could be pretty different from the one that you are attending. Given that you will spend lots of time at school, you will be completely surrounded by the local culture, as a fundamental part of your school year in England, Scotland or Wales.

Independence at school

Students in Great Britain are encouraged to develop their own independence, self-confidence and other important social skills to succeed in the university and in the future. Teachers are available to support and encourage students, but school life is focused above all on self-learning and development of personal projects.

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In England, each school year is focused on 3 subjects, generally as part of the Advanced level course (A-level) or on 7 subjects if you choose the Bachelor degree (pretty similar to the Italian “maturità”). It is possible to select the courses on the base of your own interests and academic strengths. School subjects in Great Britain:

Language and literature. For sure, you will improve your level of English just doing conversation once in Great Britain, but during classes you will have the possibility to enrich your vocabulary above all studying the classics of the English literature.

Maths and science. Trigonometry and biology, chemical and physics. Many students prefer attending courses that offers a complete preparation in the scientific, medical or engineering field.

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