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Our expert team includes leading academics and published educational authors who are experienced in designing and delivering programmes for teachers, trainers and students of all ages.
We have taught so many students around the world and have developed an approach to teaching and learning that is both effective and inspiring.

we can teach anywhere in the world

We have worked with schools and universities around the world to develop the capabilities of their staff and their students through a range of face-to-face and blended learning programmes.
We pride ourselves on producing programmes that are appropriate to context, respecting local culture, languages and traditions.

Why should I learn English?

Some students need English for professional reasons, some study English to further their education and some want to give themselves the tools to travel the world with more confidence. Whatever your reason for learning, we have everything you need here in beautiful Saffron Walden.


• Having a good level of English enhances your CV and makes you more valuable as an employee.
• International businesses often use English to communicate and the majority of electronic communication is in English so it’s essential to be able to read and write emails well.
• The ability to build good professional relationships is an invaluable skill and speaking English means that you can communicate with people from all over the world.


• Globally recognised English language exams give international students access to more choice of schools, universities and internships.
• Some of the best universities in the world are in the UK and the US and you need to be proficient in English if you want to study at one of them.
• See our list of exam preparation courses to find the certificate that’s right for you and your future.